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Sew Free For Summer...

Oh Patsy, I'm all dressed up and ready for...ANYTHING!

I didn't realize just how beautiful I'd feel when I put Patsy on for pictures.  I had her on so many times working on fitting, somehow magic happened when I put on the final product.  

I had purchased this fabric in November when I was supposed to be doing a test that ended up cancelled.  (different designer).  So, when the opportunity to make the Patsy arose; I wasn't about to miss my opportunity to make her.

 Typically the upper half of my body falls within the 4x range of Rebecca Page patterns.  This time though, I found that I ended up taking almost an entire panel off the back.
Now, bear with me for a moment.  I have been sewing for a LOOOOOONG time.  
I know you're supposed to pick your size based on your measurements.   I  however made a rookie mistake and sized up thinking I was bigger than I am.  I know what my measurements are.  They rarely change.  I didn't believe them though.  I pulled a beginner move and decided my measurements couldn't possibly be correct and chose to use the largest size.  
I regret sizing up!  Because I'm what most people would consider an advanced seamster, I opted not to do a muslin.  I was just being cocky.  


I didn't.  And, I ended up taking out both of the back panels.  Which tells me that I should have followed the measurements and actually made a 3x graded into a 2x for my waist.  
Although, I have to admit that I like the look of the back.  It looks to me like it's almost been bustled.  

Rather than doing the typical sleeve option, I decided I wanted a little bit more coverage.  So, I used the same fabric piece, but rather finished both long edges

 Then I went with almost a box pleat in the front, so I divided the piece in half.

And folded each half into thirds.  

I made sure to clip the first side before I started the second as my satin was a little bit slippery.

Once that was done I basted it where the tutorial instructed to put the sleeve.  My sleeve did take a little bit more room, but I was okay with that because again, I wanted more coverage.  I did have to fold over part of the front and sew it down to the front bodice to keep it from sticking out and laying funny.  

For the back, (somehow the pictures I took disappeared) I pleated the pieces so they were exactly the same size and then basted them where they would cover a lot of my back.  I did have to add two hook and eyes to get it to stay shut in the back, but it's worth it for the look I was going for.

Typically I make adjustments for height by adding in length to the pattern pieces.  

I opted not to add any length this time.  I wanted a shorter bodice because I prefer bodices that sit closer to my natural waist.  To be honest, I should have shortened this one a little bit more and made an almost empire waist.  I'll make another eventually and do an empire waist.

And, I didn't add any length to the skirt.  I wanted tea length look, and that's what I got. 

I popped on a petticoat THIS ONE  to be exact, and it has a little bit of an ooomph added in.

Over all, I'm head over heels in love with Patsy!

Oh!  I didn't talk about the boning!  I can't let you leave without talking about that.  

I really like the structure boning gives a garment.  I feel very supported with the boning, although I do have a bra on with Patsy.  

I used featherweight boning from WAWAK and it is so easy to install!

 The absolute best part of the Patsy is her twirl factor.  Any dress worth having has some twirl factor.  She has A LOT of twirl factor!

 All in all, I know Patsy is meant to be a formal dress.  

I don't have anywhere formal to go though, so I fully intend to go grocery shopping, work -I teach smallish children to sew and they should be able to see what types of clothing you can make...right? And possibly on a hot date to...McDonalds.  

That's right.  The Mr. is going to pull out his tux and we're going to go on a date.

Meanwhile though, go grab yourself the Patsy and make yourself one!

She's a free pattern from Rebecca Page.  Her instructions are easy to follow and her finishes are absolutely beautiful.  You won't regret choosing to make a Patsy!

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  1. You did an amazing job on this one! Great job with all your attention to detail :)

  2. Just so stunning you are so talented. Love the colour as well.

  3. I love the sleeve hack. It adds a touch of glamour to the pattern.

  4. What a beautiful dress. You look lovely.

  5. That purple fabric is everything, you look amazing all your tweaks worked wonderful. Congrats on a great dress.

  6. This is so pretty. Especially ur choice with the purple fabric. Georgeous

  7. That is gorgeous but my goodness, that fabric looks like it would be a nightmare for me to sew, very slippery! :)

  8. An absolutely beautiful dress! I love being able to change up patterns to get the results I want, often with a little more coverage here or there. I'm far from being an expert, but your dress inspires me to keep on keeping on. Thank you for sharing your how-to's and the beautiful results. I totally love your approach to living and enjoying life whether it's the "norm" or marching to your own beat--I'm betting everyone at McDonalds will absolutely love the two of you on your "dressed up" date and will be wishing they were in your shoes!

  9. What a gorgeous color, and your Patsy turned out great! I am terrible about doing muslins too, but yours turned out beautiful anyway. I agree the back does have a fun look like this!

  10. So twirly!! That’s my favourite part of dresses. Patsy was already on my list and now she’s moved up on the list. Now to find an event to go to

  11. You should feel beautiful in this dress, it looks amazing on you!

  12. Wow, you look amazing! I love your sleeves!

  13. Looks fantastic, love the colour of the material

  14. Oh my gosh, you look beautiful. I love the colour too!!


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